The Oracle of De Tijd predicts the Euros

The Oracle of De Tijd predicts the outcome of every game at the Uefa European Championship in France. You can have a go and try to beat the Oracle by predicting a game yourself (in Dutch) or you can see the predictions of the Oracle for both the group and knock out stages below.

You can read how the Oracle generates its predictions in The Anatomy of the Oracle from De Tijd.

Who will be the champions?

The Oracle predicts the most likely outcome of each game in the knock out phase. In the bracket below, chances for every team are represented by the size of the flags (touch the flags to see the actual numbers).

Latest update: July 8, 09:58

The Oracle also assigns each team a chance of winning the tournament. You can see the evolution of these chances in the timeline below. De thickness of the lines reflects the chance of winning the tournament, the vertical position represents the position of each country when the countries are ranked from most likely to least likely to win.

How the group stage played out

The first 2 teams of every group qualified for the round of 16, as did the 4 highest qualified third teams. The Oracle estimated the chances for every team to reach that stage.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F